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Tobago to learn about art of recycling

PROMINENT recycle artist Roberto Tjon a Meeuw from Curacao will host a workshop for Tobago secondary pupils at the Speyside Beach Facilities on Friday. Children can join him from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in making magical sea animals and other beautiful pieces of art from recycled and other natural and sustainable materials.

This environmental art workshop is a prelude to this year's Leve, the Caribbean's premier luxury lifestyle event of the year, which will take place at Villa Being on Sunday, and is an initiative of Leve Global Inc in collaboration with the Tobago Visual Arts Association. Leve 2019 brings together diverse creatives, fashion designers, culinary artists, and innovators striving to create a better, more ethical and sustainable Caribbean lifestyle.

The brainchild of international tourism consultant Dr Auliana Poon, Leve recognises the great potential of the artistic community for educating people on sustainable development and is developing a formidable network of musicians, artists and other creative talent to promote sustainable tourism.

Now in its fourth year and under the theme 'Fashioning Our Future', Leve has taken a step further in its ethos of the care and protection of our environment. This sustainability challenge provides endless opportunities for creativity and ingenuity. It is anticipated that this outreach programme will encourage our young people to take a closer look on the impact of their actions on one of our most precious resources, Our Environment. Tobago Main Ridge, home of the oldest Rain Forest Reserve in the Western Hemisphere, was recently awarded Caribbean Nature Park of the Year in the Caribbean Journal's Green Caribbean Awards 2019. The island boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches, nature and wildlife.

At the same time, we must admit that we are not as careful and considerate, as we could be, with regard to protecting our natural environment and heritage.

A featured painter at Leve 2019, the works of Roberto Tjon a Meeuw are sustainable by design and he actively tries to incorporate his love of nature and sustainability in all the work he does.

Everything he makes, even when it is commissioned, needs to have a touch of recycling in it.

He is constantly searching for human connections through his work and ultimately wants kids to think about ways to fix the earth's problems.

Roberto Tjon a Meeuw loves children as he enjoys the energy he gets from them whilst working and is known the world over for his amazing art installations made from recycled materials. His signature artwork is the Recycled Fish, a mega art installation, in Curacao. The inspiration behind this recycled art was global massive coastal pollution and he even included school kids in the project. Today, the recycled art stands as the mascot of Skálo Abou, Curaçao's creative capital.

Leading local artists Glenn Roopchand and Jason Nedd as well as Dominica's best-known painter Earl Etienne will join Roberto Tjon a Meeuw on show at Leve 2019 on May 5. Tobago- born artist Tomley Roberts will be coordinating this spectacular artistic display.

NEW PIECES IN THE MAKING: Roberto Tjon A Meeuw collecting materials for another inspiring creation.

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